About me

I’m Sam. I’m a programmer, hacker and scientific researcher.

I have been a free software user and developer for a long time, and a Debian developer since the year 2000.

Around the year 2004 I started to have a feeling that Debian was no longer the fun it used to be, though I kept finding it fulfilling to contribute to the project. Now I want to make it fun again, including for newcomers.

And for those wondering, I am as serious as you think I am.


I can be reached by email at sam@zoy.org.

Welcome, my minions!

Hello! I am running for the 2007 Debian Project Leader elections.

My platform is now online, and should be available on the official Debian vote page shortly. Of course, a cool website is the most important part of a successful campaign, but I thought it would be fair to expose my motivations and ideas, too.


I have no idea what you’re expecting to see here, so here’s a pancake with a bunny on its head.

a bunny with a pancake on its head